I have been taking the meditation course for 8 months.I am 55 year old and am at the “cardiac room”.

It was the first time in my life I have heard the word “meditation” and at the beginning I could not relate to it at all. After four meetings I approached the instructor and told her I got nothing from these sessions, and she in turn explained that it was a process. Indeed, after listening to her and doing what really needed to be done I started gradually feeling better, I have become more patient toward myself, and understood how to pay more attention to myself.

I have started more and more to look forward to the next meeting.

At the beginning, I was satisfied whenever the teacher did not show up for the meeting and put it off until the next week.

When I started getting to the bottom of meditation and the instructor did not turn up I was terribly upset.

Through meditation I learned to pay heed to everything about me, and I started doing that every day.

I began with shaving, taking notice of my shaving more, and then I started paying more attention to my gait, my speech, and have become more in touch with myself, which gave me an opportunity to relate better to my environment.

It enabled me to discover positive capabilities within myself.

The more I found out good things about myself the better I treated my friends.

I recommend others not to refrain from doing things and feeling things, it is the biggest pleasure out there to be able to feel things.