Meditation gave me a great deal: calm, self-confidence, being sure of my abilities. Being tolerant of those around me. That’s something really important in prison.

Whenever I feel tense or scared or emotionally stressed – I sit on my bed, close my eyes, and meditate.

I look for the little things that are wrong with me, like a hole in a shirt, and whenever I find a hole that’s preventing me from living in peace with my surroundings, I “sew it up” and move on.

A human’s personality includes not only their qualities but also their thoughts. When my thoughts are under control, I can correct them.

I change my personality and I keep on moving closer to happiness.

People have known for ages that human mistakes begin with our thoughts. We express our thoughts in words and then, sadly, the thoughts get expressed in actions.

For over a year I’ve been practicing self-reflection in prison – “meditation,” as we call it.

The tool you need for reflection is patience.

I look at myself, build myself, and try to be proud of myself.