Meditation is a tool that can help prisoners in complicated mental states. When practicing meditation the prisoner is focused solely on himself and his thoughts, attentive to himself, aware of himself, connected to his subconscious and to his simplest and most inner desires as a person.

In meditation class the prisoner has an opportunity to look within himself and be calm with himself, enabling him to reach insights regarding occurrences in the prisoners’ wing, in the therapeutic group, or within himself.

Thanks to the meditation class they create this enabling spacefor themselves, assisted by the volunteer who teaches and directs them. The prisoners relate that they practice not only in the presence of the volunteer and that they use the techniques they learned in class during the week, showing that meditation helps them focus, release tensions, and create a state of quiet within themselves.

Meditation is an important, unique tool that differs from other tools they are given. It is a positive and one of a kind project and therefore it should be maintained.